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Austin Texas - USA

Small business start-ups have enough challenges: finding new business and buying stock, setting up accounts and taking care of advertising. However; it is now obligatory that a new business has a website, and one of the key mistakes of many new businesses is to set up a website and just wait for business.

Business websites should be a changing and evolving entity: the business should develop and grow, and the content of the website will need to change to reflect this. The website will have to be updated with new products, and changes in the market will require a different approach to product marketing.

During the genesis of business websites, the entire concept was regarded as rather a panacea: dotcom businesses were starting up with little or no thought about the actual product or its usefulness, and this was reflected in their approach to website design. Many businesses were satisfied with the fact that they had a website, and this could be seen in the poor quality of their online presence.

In 2015, the vast amount of businesses with websites has meant that a site’s search engine ranking is one of the most important factors when marketing online. Austin, Texas is a thriving hotspot of excellent SEO businesses (check out this seo in Austin article from a French company), and new business start-ups would do well to benefit from their expertise.

A View of the Skyline Austin at Sunny Day in Texas

The knowledge base in Austin is indicative of the changing nature of the SEO business community. Knowledge sharing is very much the norm in the SEO world, and the secretive nature of search engines such as Google has formed an ‘alchemist’s guild’ of SEO experts who are determined to crack the complex algorithms in the search functions.

For new businesses hoping to increase their market share through their online presence, harnessing this expertise is essential. No SEO means that there will be no visitors referred to the business website through search engines, and therefore no way for search engines to match keywords to the site. On-site SEO is essential to ensure that the website is technically optimized for search engines, but off-site SEO is also important to ensure that traffic is driven to the site.

Social media is a great tool for getting a business website noticed, and linking to great content is the best method of engaging with a potential customer base. The SEO experts of Austin know that utilizing SEO to spread the word takes time: SEO is a gradual process by which a business gains trust and engages with customers. In this respect, it is a two-way process where potential customers find out about the business while it also enables the business to understand its customer base and their needs.

SEO is here to stay, and any start-up should be prepared to engage with SEO communities like those in Austin to find out how they can make the best use of their website. Online marketing should be approached as a long-term investment, and that is the key to success online.